Grow Chambers Weed: Top 5 Marijuana Grow Boxes

Using grow chambers weed is the most convenient, and easy method for beginners to cultivate cannabis. These chambers will helps create the ideal environment and allows you to completely control the growth condition. However, choosing the appropriate grow chambers for your cannabis is the most difficult part of the process. Pricing, quality, size, and other […]

Trate Review: AGL Hybridol A (Bear: Girl Scout Cookies x Ghost) Crumble

PRODUCER: ADVANCED GROW LABS STRAIN: HYBRIDOL A LINEAGE: BEAR (GIRL SCOUT COOKIES X GHOST) THC: 91.39% HYBRID CRUMBLE $100/G MEDICATED ON 5/11/17 Rainy Mondays call for a juicy concentrate, so this ‘Trate review seems to be the perfect fit! What’s up, Connecticut! Here we have a closer look into AGL’s Hybridol A. Let’s dive right […]

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