Best worms for bearded dragons: Josh’s Frogs Waxworms vs Josh’s Frogs Hornworms Habitat Cup

Bearded dragons are omnivores; they need to eat both vegetables and proteins. And worms are a great source of protein for them. But what are the best worms for bearded dragons? In this post, we will introduce for you two common types of worms for bearded dragons: Josh’s Frogs Waxworms vs Josh’s Frogs Hornworms Habitat Cup.

If you do not want to go for detail, this is the quick sum up for you.  Waxworms have high-fat contents so they should only be fed as treats. Hornworms can be a great staple diet for bearded dragons but they are quite expensive.

#1 Rich in nutrients

Your bearded dragons require a balanced diet. Each type of worm offers different levels of fat, protein, calcium. Consider providing them the right worm with the nutrient they need.

Josh’s Frogs Hornworm is a good feeding source for your bearded dragons since it hydrates and gives them the nutrition they’ll need. The nutritional contents of Hornworm are 3.07 % Fat, 46.4mg/100mg of Calcium, 85% of Moisture, and 9% Protein.

Josh’s Frogs Live Waxworms is the tasty treat for your bearded dragons. It contains about 21% fat and 15% protein. Due to its high-fat content, it is an ideal feeder for fattening up reptile pets. 

However, even if your bearded dragons love to eat waxworms, but the high-fat contents of waxworms can be the bed for them if given constantly. So waxworms should only be fed as treats for bearded dragons.

#2 Delivered alive

It is obvious that you do not want to pay for dead worms. Carefully consider the shipping policies of the company to ensure that the worms are delivered alive. Josh’s Frogs waxworms are guaranteed to arrive alive, last for a long time and are packaged securely. These waxworms arrive in temperatures from 0F to 85F.

Josh’s Frogs Hornworms guaranteed to live arrival in temperature from 0 to 85 degree F. It is also shipped for free from Monday to Thursday. Order after 4 pm will be ship out the next Monday.

#3 Feeding

Waxworms are much wider than mealworms. Due to the big size, it can only be fed to adult bearded dragons. Moreover, they are too high in fat content so they should not be provided for younger bearded dragons. That’s why you need to know about a guide to breed bearded dragon.

Meanwhile, hornworms are a good insect to include in your bearded dragon’s staple diet with high protein and low-fat contents. But they are a bit expensive to give your pets as a staple food. Hornworms also grow quickly for up to 4 inches long and much larger than other worms, so after you get them you should feed them for a few days until the become too larger.

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