Trate Review: AGL Hybridol A (Bear: Girl Scout Cookies x Ghost) Crumble

THC: 91.39%
Rainy Mondays call for a juicy concentrate, so this ‘Trate review seems to be the perfect fit! What’s up, Connecticut! Here we have a closer look into AGL’s Hybridol A. Let’s dive right into strain lineage. Bear is a cross of the oh so popular Girl Scout Cookies and Ghost. For what it’s worth, I spent a good part of my initial Hybridol A session trying to think how you get Bear out of G.S.C. and Ghost… ultimately, I decided that there is no other explanation other than Dwight K Schrute leaving the paper industry and entering the cannabis industry (he’s already into hemp, so there’s that…)
Right off the rip, AGL delivers another super potent crumble and delicious looking concentrate. This trate checks in with 91.39% THC, a very portent concentrate. Once again, it is a CO2 extract, so the terpene profile takes a hit, but the potency remains in tact.
THC: 4.81 % – 24.05 mg
THCA: 86.58 % – 432.9 mg
CBD: <0.1 % - <0.5 mg CBDA: <0.1 % - <0.5 mg CBG: 0.52 % - 2.6 mg CBGA: 3.71 % - 18.55 mg CBN: <0.1 % - <0.5 mg CBC: 0.21 % - 1.05 mg The crumble consistency is in line with others produced by Advanced Grow Labs. It really is high quality stuff! With a very fragile body, the concentrate effortless flakes onto the dab tool with a clean break while still maintaining form. It is a very soft and malleable texture, making it easy to work with. No need to worry about stringy waxes or finicky shatters with this stuff! It's great for those seeking a potent and convenient concentrate, until we factor in price. Hybridol A bears a steep price tag of $100+ per gram. While the quality is most certainly there, it's still tough to justify such an expensive fee! It is one of the most potent concentrates available, but THC percentage isn't everything. The going rate for other concentrates in Connecticut start at roughly $60, although the lower end products certainly aren't always going to be as great of quality compared to what AGL brings to the table. TERPENE PROFILE A-PINENE: 0.28% B-PINENE: <0.1% LIMONENE: <0.1% B-MYRCENE: <0.1% OCIMENE: <0.1% LINALOOL: <0.1% B-CARYOPHYLLENE: 1.41% HUMULENE: 1.01% The terpene profile is similar to what you would expect from other cookies strains. Accompanied by a dense and expansive smoke is a delicious taste that lingers long after you exhale. I would definitely recommend using this concentrate with a low-temperature application. True to it's name, Bear is a fierce and wild beast. The indica effects are very dominant in this strain. It is a perfect fit for those to take the edge off, release tension, relieve pain and stress, and get a very comfortable but sedative effect. I wasn't mentally dumbfounded, for which I would like to credit the sativa side of the family tree. It was certainly uplifting and made for an active relaxation; body and mind at ease and cooperating with one another. Overall, the Hybridol A is a high quality concentrate with a steep price. It is at the top of the market in both categories, which means that you get what you pay for.

Trate Review: AGL Hybridol A (Bear: Girl Scout Cookies x Ghost) Crumble
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