Best Haze Strain

Unlike in the past, it has become effortless to develop marijuana breeds to accommodate the different needs of consumers. For example, particular strains will enhance excitement and others are the best for relaxation.

Today, there are numerous marijuana strains, and they mostly have a common origin. Contemporary hybrids have roots in Skunk, Kush, or Haze strain. They are the foundation of most varieties in the current market.

In the following post, we are going to discuss how to choose the best haze strain by sampling some of the best.

Where the Haze strain comes from

There are several variations of the Haze strain, mostly denoted by the region they are sourced. But the original haze is the most popular.

In the 1970s Santa Cruz California, two breeders, the Haze Brothers created the original Haze. They blended the strains from Colombia, India, and Thailand for the best traits.

The long flowering period of between 14 and 16 weeks is one of the factors that make it unpopular in most dispensaries. It requires special care and attention, but considering the lingering and euphoric highs associated with it, we can pretty much say it is all worth it.

The main characteristic of haze strain is the spicy and pungent aroma. Some strains will have an earthy smell, and others, mixed fruit.

Best amnesia haze strain

The amnesia haze strain, dubbed The skunk by a British tabloid, is one of the most potent. Created in the 2000s, amnesia haze strain is a predominantly sativa species. The best amnesia haze strain grows very slowly and takes a long time to flower. The extended period allows sufficient accumulation of trichomes and the pleasing effect associated with the Strain.

The haze strain is known to reduce stress, with a hypnotizing effect. The thick bud and high THC content is among the factors that make it popular among concentrate manufacturers.

If you are an apprentice, go slow with the amnesia haze strain, exercise moderation.

The majority of the sativa strains have around 14% THC, but the amnesia haze strain has as much as 18% THC. It has a citrusy, fruity, or earthy aroma. The ground buds have a refreshing taste, with citrus or fruity taste that lingers in your mouth.

Best lemon haze

The lemon-flavored Haze is quite popular among dispensaries. The Super lemon haze is a combination of two distinct strains; Super Silver Haze and lemon skunk. And just as the name suggests, super lemon haze has a characteristic superb lemon flavor uplifting effects.

The mixed aroma of lemon and lime, and sometimes grapefruit leaves people yearning for more of it.

The THC content is between 20 and 23%, ensuring a vivid cerebral shift and balanced high. Super lemon haze has its medicinal properties that include pain relief among others.

Best autoflowering haze

A progeny of Speedy G and white Sirius, the Russian haze auto has a higher THC content, responsible for the sweet lingering high. As the best auto haze strain, it has a classic haze flavor and attains maturity within 80 days.

You can cultivate the Strain virtually anywhere, including outdoors, indoors, or in hydroponics.

Best tasting haze

A chocolate Haze is a cross between Cannalope Haze and Og Chocolate Thai. It is one of the easiest to cultivate with a maximum flowering period of 10 weeks. However, trimming is necessary as a chocolate Haze can grow to monstrous heights.

The signature chocolate aroma in the mouth is among the factors that make it a favorite of many. Its relaxing effect and sweet energized high are quite pleasurable, and most cannabis connoisseurs identify with it.

Best yielding haze strain

Delahaze, best yielding haze strain, is a remarkable hybrid with impressive yielding results. It is resistant to mold, and that makes delahaze one of the best for beginners. Furthermore, the short flowering period of around nine weeks is astonishing for most people.

Delahaze Aroma is a sweet blend of classic haze and citrus.

Best Purple Haze strain

The euphoric and energetic high associated with the Purple Haze strain is unique. According to most people, the strain has both indicia and sativa effects. Its taste is a pinch of grape with an effect similar to Sour diesel.

It has high THC levels of between 13% and 21%, while the CBD is around 5%.

It is the best purple haze strain because it is newbie-friendly, among others, with a flowering period of between 8 and 10 weeks.

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Best Haze Strain
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