Trate Review: Curaleaf Sapphire (Cherry Thunder Fuck) Clear Concentrate

THC: 76%
Here we have another one of Curaleaf’s clear concentrates! I’ve tried a few of them in the past, so I was definitely ready to get my hands on some new stuff, the Sapphire, a hybrid strain more commonly known as Cherry Thunder Fuck! With the clear, you can always count on a quality product. This ‘trate was $50 for a half gram container of supreme dankness, so once again, Connecticut offers a $100/g wax. What else is new? (Ugh).
Right off the rip, I was a little disappointed with packaging. I’m not sure if this happened in production, transport, or retailing, but it doesn’t really matter either way. The wax was all over the place- the lid, the sides, and even in the crevices between the silicone. A quick deep-freezer sesh did the trick and I was able to get everything back in its rightful place!
THC: 75.6%
THCA: <0.1%% CBD: 1.1% CBDA: <0.1% CBG: 0.5% CBGA: 0.1% CBN: 1.0% CBC: 1.6% The consistency of the Sapphire is as expected with a clear concentrate. It's a stringy, soupy substance that glistens with visual terpenes! What it lacks in actual terpenes, it makes up for in it's stunning physical presence. It wouldn't be a bad idea to store this in a cool place, or to throw it in the refrigerator for a few minutes before mediating. I noticed during the picture taking process that this stuff truly is beautiful to look at. When held up to the light, a smooth golden hue complements the natural glaze atop the wax. It's something you can't stop playing with... well, I've had my fun, and it's now time to commence medication. TERPENE PROFILE 1.6% COMPRISED OF: ALPHA PINENE BETA PINENE BETA MYRCENE LIMONENE OCIMENE LINALOOL BETA CARYOPHYLLENE After a few globbers, I definitely achieved my desired effect; I am thoroughly medicated. Once again, the Sapphire was on par with my previous experiences of clear products. Although not quite as terpy as it could be, it was still very tasty. My favorite characteristic is the clarity. It's just incredibly pure from start to finish, not expansive or dense. For a hybrid, the Sapphire is truly eloquate. It has a very balanced effect, not leaning too far on either side of the indica-sativa spectrum. The high is extremely clean, too! It enhances positive effects from sativa, such as creativity and focus, and the negative effects of indicas, like pain relief and deep relaxation. It isn't overly sedative, or "couch-lock" weed. Overall, this is some pretty good stuff. Although expensive, it's one of the better options currently in the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program.

Trate Review: Curaleaf Sapphire (Cherry Thunder Fuck) Clear Concentrate
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