Grow Chambers Weed: Top 5 Marijuana Grow Boxes

Using grow chambers weed is the most convenient, and easy method for beginners to cultivate cannabis. These chambers will helps create the ideal environment and allows you to completely control the growth condition. However, choosing the appropriate grow chambers for your cannabis is the most difficult part of the process. Pricing, quality, size, and other aspects may affect your decision.

This is why I put here a list of the best grow chambers weed that are beginner-friendly, affordable, saving-space, and well-build to helps you maximize your cannabis harvest at home.

Top 5 Marijuana Grow Boxes

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#1 VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent

The VIVOSUN 2-in-1 grow tent is made to take care of all of your marijuana growth stages. Its 2-in-1 design with 2 small rooms and 1 large tent are enable you to produce continuous growth cycle. The 600D thick fabric cover the tent is fastened together by sturdy metal poles and for a durable construction.

It features a diamond Mylar reflecting surface for the inside area that producing that 98 percent light reflective in both chambers. There are additional vents for wires, ducting, and fans, as well as a window for well ventilations, fresh air flow. The tent also includes a water-proof floor tray.  The VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Chamber Grow Tent is low-cost, high-quality, multi-chamber, simple to put together and requires no tools.

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#2 TopoGrow 36″X20″X63″ Grow Tent

What is the solution for grower who are living in small house or department with tight space but still want to get a grow chamber that large enough for cannabis grow their full cycle? TopoGrow Tent is absolutely one of the best solution. With a small footprint, this grow tent will not take you a lot of space. The 63” height of this tent allows it to accommodate a full-cycle grow plant. The tent can fit about 2 plants.

The TopoGrow features a door that opens on one side, forming a letter D-shaped aperture. I do not really like this D-shaped design. The tent is made of 600D oxford fabric on the outside. The interior is coated with diamond Mylar that is 96 percent reflective. The strong structure is completed by durable metal rods and heavy-duty zippers. Ventilation is provided by two circular vents with drawstring sock closures. There are two extra mesh-screened ventilation openings, each measuring 16 x 8 inches.

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#3 MELONFARM Grow Tent

A little bit larger than the previous option but still very affordable is 32″ x 32″ x 63” MELONFARM Grow Tent. The outstanding feature of this tent is that its inside layer is made of 100% highly reflective waterproof mylar lining, which increase the light intense, retain proper temperature and ensure your cannabis get enough light their entire life. The outer material is extra-think 600D canvas, which is tear resistant, double stitched for durable construction and light blocking.

I love the observation window at the front of the tent, it enables you to check your plant inside and monitor the temperature without open the door. MELONFARM grow chamber comes with a storage bag, and professional instructional book.

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#4 VIVOSUN Indoor Grow Tent, Roof Cube Tent

If you are looking for larger, sufficient area for growing cannabis plants but still on a budget, this VIVOSUN roof Cube Tent is great ideal. What I love about this tent is that its design with large vents, doors, windows, and a roof with a gradient pattern. All light is blocked by the tear-resistant double-stitched 600D polyester cloth. The 98% reflective inner mylar lining enhances your lighting intense and allowing light emit evenly and reach all the tent’s corners.

The strong, durable frame is made or metal poles. It is very simple to put together with no tool needed. VIVOSUN offers 2 years guarantee for this product.

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#5 CoolGrows Upgraded 2-in-1 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

It’s constructed of a 600D fabric that’s tear-resistent, extremely thick, stitched, with a light-proof Mylar lining that’s 93-97 percent reflective. Heavy-duty zippers, twin ventilation vents, and metal bars, metal connector, strong metal poles are used to construct the grow tent.

The advantage of this tent is that it is designed with 2 smaller chambers and 1 large chamber, all of these make up separated room for different purposes like seedling, vegetative, and flowering. Along with the 3 separate rooms, the tent includes 3 removable, water-proof mylar floor trays. The best thing is that the tent comes with a one-year guarantee.

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#6 OPULENT SYSTEMS Hydroponic Mylar Water-Resister Grow Tent

OPULENT SYSTEMS grow tents are available in 7 different sizes so you can choose the one that best suit your space. 24″ x 24″ x 48″ tent is the smallest unit, its small footprint will help you grow weed in confined space. The tent materials are include high-quality, superior double-stitched canvas, 98% highly reflective mylar liner, heavy-duty zippers, aluminum frame. Aside from that, multiple sock vent, nylon straps, observation window and a detachable bottom tray are also included in this small grow tent.

Grow Chambers Weed: Top 5 Marijuana Grow Boxes
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