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At Hillside Wood Heat, we provide full technical service on the units we sell, and we have a multitude of replacement parts on hand for almost all of our stoves. We carry corn, wood, coal, pellet and wood stoves. We also have fire bricks and wood pellets. If your stove is acting up, please feel free to bring it into the shop or contact us today to have a service technician visit your home for repairs. Additional service fees apply for house calls.

Corn & Pellet Stoves

A lot of our corn and pellet stoves pass heat directly through a vent in the same way a clothes dryer does. With these stoves, no class-A chimney is required. All are hopper fed, some self-ignite, and some have thermostat options. Power ranges from 7,000 to 165,000 BTUs. The Harman Stove Company™ has been in business for more than 25 years, and has won numerous awards in that time, including the Vesta Award from the Hearth & Patio Association™. Additionally, they’re the service and warranty industry leaders. We also carry around 10 other manufacturers.

Wood & Coal Stoves

Freestanding models and whole house furnace supplements are available from our sources of 10 different wood and coal stove manufacturers. Brands include Energy King™, Brunco™, Napolean™, Enviro™, US Stoves™, Woodchuck™, Buck™, Harman™, and Sierra™. We also are now carrying the worlds most efficient wood burners available, Quadrafire™ wood stoves. Additionally we have recently added Leisure Line™ coal stokers. These coal burners are fully automatic, light it, fill it, empty the ash pan every few days. They are that simple.We also carry Anthracite coal—which burns to a clean white ash, is dust-free, odorless, and available in 40-lb bags. In comparison to the most commonly known Bituminous Coal, which is soft, easily crushable, dusty, and leaves a very high residue and sulfur odor, this coal does the same job without any of the bad side effects plus Anthracite coal burns hotter than Bituminous Coal, making it the most cost effective way to heat your home available. Click Here To Learn More About Antracite.


Outdoor Boiler Systems

Our outdoor boiler systems include wood or corn boiler systems that tie into your existing boiler or forced air systems. You can also use these to heat swimming pools, domestic hot water, & in floor heating. Brand names include Taylor™ and American Royal™.

Chimney Pipe & Stove Accessories

Accessories include the standard black chimney pipe, the double-wall insulated pipe, which is the highest grade Class-A Chimney, and everything from chimney-cleaning brushes to ash buckets, shovels, and other hearth accessories. Brand names include Metal-Fab™ Simpsons™, and Olympic™ chimney liners. Almost any accessory you need is in stock or easily ordered.

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