Killer Grape Strain Effects & Review – Impressive Cannabis Strain with Eye-catching Purple Hues

Surely cannabis connoisseurs are no stranger to Killer Queen strain, and this strain is related to the strain we will learn about in this article. Yes, Killer Grape strain can be considered an improved version of Killer Queen, this cannabis strain has a gorgeous color and an irresistible berry flavor.

Killer Grape is often used for recreational use, but this cannabis strain also offers many other great values. It will not only please smokers but growers of all levels will easily fall in love with it. In this article, we will give you more information about Grape Killer.


Killer Grape Strain


Killer Queen and Querkle


Euphoric – 10, Happy – 10, Focused – 5, Giggly – 5, Uplifted – 4


Pungent, grape, apple, spicy, herbal


Fruity, grape, sweet, apple, earth, spicy, herbal


Dizzy – 10, Anxious – 9, Dry eyes – 2, Paranoid – 2, Dry mouth – 1


Stress – 10, Pain – 6, Depression – 5, Inflammation – 5, Lack of appetite – 1


7 to 9 weeks


Late September to mid-October




15% to 20%






12 to 14 ounces per square meter


14 ounces or more per plant


Warm climate


Easy to grow



Source: ILGM

Killer Grape Origins

Not too much is known about Killer Grape, but there is enough information to identify the parent strain of Killer Grape. Killer Grape is a cross between Killer Queen and Querkle strain, two well-known and delicious-tasting cannabis strains. The combination of these two cannabis strains has resulted in an Indica dominant strain and retains outstanding flavor, strength and structure.

Killer Grape contains over 20% THC content, this cannabis strain will bring unexpected experiences to users. Growers may also consider choosing Killer Grape seeds for their crop as this is a potential cannabis seed for growers of all levels.

Below we’ll dive deeper into effects, flavors, growing and more.

Killer Grape Effects

Killer Grape’s high THC content produces dramatic and entertaining effects from the first puff of smoke. This cannabis strain will produce a euphoric effect that has an immediate mood-altering effect. Despite the high THC levels, Killer Grape is not overwhelming in any way. So beginners can also try this cannabis strain.

Killer Grape’s effects come on very quickly, almost after taking the first breath of smoke. This cannabis strain offers a similar effect to the Space Candy strain, both of which have mood-altering effects while keeping the mind alert enough.

You’ll laugh more and feel better when you smoke Killer Grape. It is ideal to use in conversations with friends, social gatherings. In addition to making you happy, Killer Grape also helps you focus, increase energy to complete your work well.

Eventually, you will notice relaxation spreading throughout your body. This effect is like massaging your body, and it doesn’t cause drowsiness until you’ve finished the activity in progress.

Killer Grape Fragrance & Flavors

Many smokers liken the smell and taste of Killer Grape to Power Grape strain, or Pineapple strain because of its distinctive berry flavor. But more sensitive people can recognize the sweetness often found in Wedding Cake strain in Killer Grape.

Overall, the scent and taste of Killer Grape is like a candied fruit, with a bit more grapes in it. This fruit mix has the main ingredient of grapes, the secondary ingredients are apples and some other berries. This fresh and sweet flavor is punctuated with a hint of earth and herbs.

Killer Grape’s flavor isn’t as pungent as some cannabis strains with similar THC concentrations, so even more demanding smokers will be pleased with it. The taste of this cannabis strain will take you to different levels so it won’t be boring. Especially smokers who love grape flavor will be strongly attracted.

Killer Grape Medical

As we mentioned, Killer Grape not only offers recreational value but this cannabis strain also has significant medical effects that can benefit many patients. In addition to the effect of changing mood in a more positive direction, Killer Grape also brings many other values.

Killer Grape can help patients with depression and disorders get out of a serious condition. Excitement and a good mood will reduce the pressure on the mind and prevent the development of mental diseases.

PTSD patients will also receive support when using Killer Grape. Get relief from your fears, stress and anxiety thanks to the soothing effects of Killer Grape. However, do not overuse and overdose, patients should consult a doctor.

In addition, Killer Grape helps you regain your appetite. A tired body and mind will prevent you from enjoying delicious meals, and Killer Grape will help you get rid of this. This cannabis strain can also ease aches and pains throughout the body, and reduce inflammation.

Killer Grape Growing

Good news for growers, Killer Grape is an easy cannabis strain to grow and it can be profitable in every crop. It has the characteristics of an Indica-dominant plant and experienced growers who grow cannabis seeds indoors will benefit greatly from Killer Grape.

But that doesn’t mean that growers can’t grow Killer Grape outdoors. Killer Grape seeds when planted outdoors will have a great height and grow quite bushy. Although the plant has good resistance and vitality, it still needs more care when growing outdoors. Growers should be pruned early so that the plants branch out laterally instead of growing in height.

Growing indoors will be an easier option for beginner growers. Killer Grape seeds will develop into dense plants so pruning, SOG techniques are necessary to keep the plants healthy and productive. Care should be taken to feed the plants with the necessary nutrients and adjust a growing environment with a humidity that is not too high.

The plant will have a beautiful purple color similar to that of the Purple Punch strain. With good care, growers can yield about 13 ounces/m2 indoors, and about 14 ounces/plant outdoors.

Where Can I Buy Killer Grape Seeds?

There are a few online seed banks that offer Killer Grape seeds, but not all of them are reputable and worthy options for your investment. That’s why we’ve selected a few reputable online seed banks that offer the best quality Killer Grape seeds based on comprehensive reviews.

Here are a few online seed banks that we highly recommend when looking for Killer Grape seeds:

Seedsman – Killer Grape Regular Seeds

CannabisOWL – Killer Grape Seeds



Killer Grape Strain Effects & Review – Impressive Cannabis Strain with Eye-catching Purple Hues
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