Treestars Seed Bank Review ( Is Treestars seed bank legit?

Okay, right away the site top seed banks asks for your email. I am not too crazy about that. The only reason I say that is because I do not like being bombarded with emails right away(especially if I do not know whether I want to bookmark the page). I also do not like how the automatically want to chat with you.

Some of us(myself included) need some time to figure out if we need to chat with an online person or not. All I saying, is that I do not like being bombarded that aggressively. It is like going into a retail store, and they push you into signing up for their store credit card. It is not cool.

Yes this is honest seed bank reviews so on the plus side, they do have some cool merchandise for sale(like t-shirts). I like the “About Us” page, but it does have some spelling errors, but who am I to criticize. I make mistakes on my spelling(as a writer) everyday.

The company does have quite a bit of stock and options for the customers, including compound genetics and Clearwater genetics. Those of you who want to start buying something will need to register.

The other disclaimer they make is about what is sold. They do clarify that every item is sold as a novelty or preseveration item. They are also sold for collection purposes. Keep that in mind if you decide to use this company.

The site does give you the option to pre-order items that have not come out yet. I think that is a cool idea(especially if some of the items are going to sell out fast).

You can also join the mailing list. The site notifies you as soon as things become in stock and new. It saves you from having to check the site regularly to see if something is back in stock or not.

The site does include safety and privacy measures when you place an order.

Overall, I thought the site was pretty cool. It definitely gives a lot more to their customers than some of the other sites. I recommend checking out the site if you enjoy collecting and novely items pertaining to CBD items and OG strains.

The site also includes some weekly blowout sales and discounts. This site is one of the better ones(by far).

Treestars Seed Bank Review ( Is Treestars seed bank legit?
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