weed-seeds.ca Reviews: Reputable Seed Banks That Ship to USA

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While the seeds are consumed in many types daily, there are quite many people who do not have any idea what is a seed bank and why its existence is so important. Before we get to talk about how meaningful a seed bank is, let me go back to its history.
In the early 90’s years, people used to collect seeds in different areas, on fields or botanic gardens. Seeds banks were developed for the concern of the scientists for losing the diversity of the seeds. Since the canadian seed banks that ship to us were created, there were many discussions and controversies regarding the way these banks are working. Many environmental groups were against the fact that many seeds banks were located in the north, while the plants were mostly collected from the south. In 1994 were suffered more changes regarding governance and this is how the International Plant Genetic Resources was created.
Now that we know how and why were firstly the seeds banks developed, let’s talk a little bit about their significance. We might think that seeds banks do not have such a big role in the evolution and the way the seeds are kept. are many reasons while thee banks are useful for the maintenance of the seeds, and let’s talk about the main ones.
The first major benefit, as we have noticed before is the prevention of losing their diversity. Keeping the seeds in banks also helps them keep the same taste and their nutrition quality. While the seeds are stored, that increased the immunity to different diseases and drought tolerance. Also, the banks protect the seeds from natural disasters or climate change. Seeds can be easily changed and their quality can quickly decrease. This is why they need to be stored so that humanity can enjoy them at their maximum quality.
Deciding to keep the seeds in banks brings another important advantage and that would be having material research. Science people are daily busy making more researches and finding out new information about the texture of seeds. In this way, more benefits of the seeds are being discovered or other alternatives to use them for our good and health.
At the end of the article, I am sure you are curious about the location of the seeds banks. Let me introduce you to the world’s seed bank. The Svalbard archipelago is an island territory located in the Arctic Ocean, very close to Norway. The seed bank from there is built so that the seeds to be protected from the damage caused by different natural disasters or the time itself. The Svalbard International Seed Vault was built in 2008, and the location was specially chosen here because of the optimal climate so that the seeds can be kept in good condition.
It is good to know that worldwide there are more than 1.000 seeds banks, situated in different places on earth. Maintaining seeds through banks is a very good way to provide them the best conditions. The store of seeds is helping them in many different ways and the advantages are both for the seeds and humans.
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weed-seeds.ca Reviews: Reputable Seed Banks That Ship to USA
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